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Graduate Students - future, present & past

I am always looking for strong, motivated graduate students who are interested my research areas. If you're looking for a program, start by meeting some of the current and past students from my group.

Current Graduate Students


My ultimate goal is to analyze the potential of different groundwater tracer materials to act as surrogate tracers for contaminants in karst. Specifically, my research focuses on the interactions of polystyrene microspheres with karst sediments and minerals and describing microsphere transport through karst aquifers via field experiments.

Jill Riddell

RainbowRun- TiffanyBest.jpg

Joining in Fall 2021. Coming from Univ. of Miami.

Dietrich Kuhlmann

BellaVista SH-2.JPG

Joining us fall 2021. Coming from Lehigh Univ.

Rebekah Nichols

Former Graduate Students - click through to see what everyone did

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