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Descriptions of the classes I generally teach. You can click the buttons to see the most recent syllabus for each course.


GEOL 588

Aqueous Geochemistry

A problem-based class designed to provide grad students with the tools they need to support their research. Offered most falls. NEXT TIME = FALL 2021


GEOL 388

Intro Geochemistry

An introduction to a wide range of geochemical topics including the elements, mineralogy, water and climate. Offered most springs.


GEOL 580

Contaminant Geochem

The basics of applied organic geochemistry relevant to natural organic matter & contaminants. Offered some springs.


GEOL 365

Environmental Geology

The interaction of humans & geology: hazards, resources, contamination, and a little climate.  Offered most fall semesters.


GEOL 466/666

Karst Geology

All karst, all semester. Come get your fix.  We cover caves, geochemistry, hydrogeo, gemorph, and some biology. Offered some springs. NEXT TIME = SPRING 2022

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